Trending Meme Templates of 2023

We have collected the most used Meme templates of India [updated February 2023]. This list is updated regularly, so make sure to save the page to stay updated.

Galaxy Brain Meme

Galaxy brain video is an international meme originated from expanding brain image meme. It is used to mock someone’s very dumb actions as they have brain of a galaxy size.

Zoolander staring meme

Men staring each other with music playing “Who is she”. The video is from 2001 comedy film Zoolander.

Women ☕

Women meme became a huge trend since mid 2022. In this video two cartoon characters drink tea and laugh while saying “women”. These memes can sometimes be sexist and misogynystic too.

The Boys - Green screen

Green screen video of The Boys logo used in memes with some hilarious actions done by boys and men.

Shit - Rajnikant

Rajnikanth saying “Shit” video meme template. This meme became famous in end 2022 and start of 2023.

Bekar hai bhaiya mai to toot gaya

Puneet Superstar’s Bekar hai bhaiya mai to toot gaya video meme template. Puneet superstar also known as Lord Puneet, became a famous meme material from his screaming video in 2020.

Accha Theek hai - Puneet Superstar

Another famous video of Puneet Superstar “Accha Theek Hai”. This video started being used widely as a reaction video since mid 2022.

Homelander Panicking - The Boys

Homelander panicking and breathing heavily video meme. Homelander is one of the main antagonists of series “The Boys”. His video has started appearing in memes since The Boys season 2 released.

Aye Haye, Itna sukoon

It is an old video of standup comedian Aditya Mehta. But it started being widely used in memes since 2021.

Angry Man destroying Computer

Angry man destroying his computer with a stick. This meme is famous from many years and mostly used with clips of frustrating gaming moments.

It was perfect - Homelander

Homelander saying “I gotta tell you something. It was perfect. Perfect. Everything. Down to the last minute details.” The video is from web series The Boys.

Yahi nahi, abhi aur suniye

Deepak Sharma saying ‘Yahi nahi abhi or suniye’ video meme.

Hum first hum first - Gangs of Wasseypur

Gangs of Wasseypur is a 2012 crime film directed by Anurag Kashyap. The movie revolves around the coal mafia of Dhanbad, fight for politics and power among three gangs from 1941 to 1990s.

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